How To ask Empowering Questions

Read below to better phrase your question in order to meet my approach with the Tarot

Think of a question

First you have to decide what question to ask. It might seem silly or difficult but it’s actually very easy: good questions start with “What” or “How” and should point to actions you can take in life. If you are still unsure and you would prefer to keep it more general you can still ask something like “What should I know about this situation?”. Good Examples can be:
What can I do to improve ‘situation x’?
How can I find the right partner?
What might I feel if I choose option A and what if I choose option B?
How can I make use of the energy around ‘situation x’?
What should I look/reflect at/on when looking for a job?

Keep your question open and about yourself

Asking “yes” or “no” questions may hinder the messages of the cards. Cards may point to a less or more beneficial energy as well as a neutral one and I will state this in the reading. Getting an open answer will make you feel empowered and ready to take action, it will give you messages to reflect upon so that you can later decide how and if to act. My aim with this site and my readings is to help self-reflection, deep thinking and personal development. That’s why I don’t do reading about other people. Imagine you were to ask “Is my partner cheating on me?”, if I were to tell you that “yes, they are” does it add anything to your life, to who you are as a person? Does this really help you make the next move? I honestly don’t think so. First what I think you should do is to understand why in the first place you feel like your partner is cheating on you, then you should understand what YOU can personally do in this situation. Being this the case, there’s a lot of insight you could gain by asking something like “What can I do to improve my relationship?” or “How can I better understand why I feel cheated?” or again, if you want to keep it more general and you are up to receive messages from the cards “What should I know about my relationship?” or “What am I not seeing that should be noticed in my relationship?”. 

What to expect from the reading

When you buy the reading, you will be able to write your question to me and to write your email where I can send the reading. If for any reason you aren’t able to do so remember to contact me at or to fill in the contact form in the contact page. The reading will be in pdf and will be sent to you by e-mail. In the reading there will be a professional photo of the spread, a card by card explanation, a summary of the overall messages, advices and suggestions based on the energy. Whenever I will be talking about the “future” it will only be as possibilities and chances that something MIGHT happen IF the energy you put in the situation stays the same, so it corresponds to what you could expect and by no means it is what WILL happen. Remember that my readings are not predictive and they only aim to stimulate your self-reflection and thought process. I want you to feel in power of your life and to help hear that voice inside yourself which sometimes is so difficult to follow or notice.

Now you are ready to book your reading!!!