Readings I offer:

Live Reading: if you are from Turin in Italy we can meet up to do a live in-depth reading. Price range is from 25 to 50 Euros, based on how detailed you want the reading to be. 

1 to 3 Cards Reading: With this option I will provide you with a reading which aims to describe the general energy at work surrounding a specific area (love, career) or an idea/project/question of your choice. This will consist in a particular message you need to know from the cards. I will be using a random deck of my choice and the picture will have a random background (black, white, wooden).

4 to 6 Cards Reading: With this option I will provide you with a 4 to 6 cards reading which will be personalized based on the question asked. You can also choose the tarot deck* you want me to use and if you prefer the picture with black, white or wooden background. 

Chakra or Celtic Cross Reading: These last two options are the most extensive in terms of information and insight. The Chakra reading will mainly focus on energy, blockages, obstacles surrounding yourself or a situation. The Celtic Cross is a more “traditional” approach to tarot which also takes into account past, present and future of a certain situation based on the current energy at work. You can choose the deck you want me to use and the background color (black, white, wooden). 

Once you buy the reading you will be able to write your question and make sure to provide me with your email since the reading will be sent to your inbox in a pdf format. If you need help or if you want to add more details you can reach out at Also remember to read how to ask empowering questions, it is also essential that you read how to use this site in the disclaimer page. I won’t be accountable for any incovenience may arise for you not reading. I do not do predictive readings/fortune telling  so I will be asking you to rephrase your question if I don’t see it fit to my approach. Once you buy, it’s bought. No refunds will be given.

*You can find the list of tarot decks I use on the bottom of this page. 


Offer coming soon, stay tuned.

1 to 3 cards Reading

PRICE: 5 to 10 € 


4 to 6 Cards Reading

PRICE:  15


Chakra reading or celtic cross reading

PRICE:  25 


Things To Know

– If you don’t specify Deck and Background Color, I will choose for you.
– I don’t do predictive readings, my approach aims to empower you starting from where we stand now, in the present moment. When I talk about “future” it is just what you can expect in that future moment based on the energy now at work. 
– Even though it’s also written in the Disclaimer Page, I write here again that I don’t do readings about the following: third parties, legal/medical advice, death, pregnancy, lottery numbers.
– Readings will be delivered in 1 to 7 days from the purchase.
– Readings have all a professional picture of the cards pulled for your spread.
– Please don’t expect the reading to be about what YOU want to hear, sometimes messages may not be what we expect but if we breath in and take our time to process them we can eventually realize they can be of help to reflect and work on ourselves. Messages as life can be “negative” or “positive” or “so and so”, I won’t sugar-coat the messages from the cards but you can expect me to be delivering such messages with coherence, bluntness and kindness.
– Readings can be requested in English and Italian. 
– No Refunds.

List of Decks

Lumina Tarot
Ukiyoe Tarot
Spellcaster’s Tarot
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
Wild Messengers Tarot
Wild Unknown Tarot
Rider Waite Tarot
Clow Cards (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Game of Thrones Tarot
Aquarian Tarot
Spiritsong Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot
True Black Tarot
Apokalypsis Tarot