The Rain

The Rain is a jokey and tricky spirit. This card invites us to reflect about what is recently happening to us and to recognize that if something bad happened that is just part of a bigger plan. In this sense, if we have been through some misfortunes or unexpected events, the rain wants to remind us that what we experienced is definitely going to serve our highest good and personal development. Just like the rain might not be ideal when you are outside without an umbrella, yet it has the nicest sound when you are at home and we can definitely feel the earth rejoicing for it. The Rain ultimately teaches that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.


Unexpected Events - Pain for Gain - Thoughtful Reflection


In the anime the rain appears together with the wood card. In the shape of a small spirit on a cloud it rains on the wood thus making it grow humongously. After trying to drown Sakura, the girl is able to seal the card by using the Watery. In fact, The Rain is under The Watery’s jurisdiction.