Tarot Meanings

What I learnt from my journey with Tarots is that there is no more powerful meaning than that you find yourself with the cards. I think that the best way to understand and learn the card meanings is to sit down, lay your cloth (if you use it) and look at the cards: What are they saying to you? What do you feel? What would be the story behind the characters in the cards? The answers to these questions are totally subjective and derive mostly from your own intuition. I believe you don’t need to be a psychic to use this intuition and that’s why I want you to take the meanings you will find in this page just as a way to start or expand your knowledge. Apart from that, I want YOU to find your own meanings, to create your own relationship with the cards. Make your own journey!

The Decks

This section is still a work in progress, at the moment I will focus on the meanings for the Clow Cards but I will be constantly updating. Please, take everything you read as my personal way to live the Tarots. I will never take my meanings to be the only accountable truth, I take them to be MY personal truth. What you will read  is  what I gathered during my quest to master the tarot cards’ meanings which is something I believe to be neverending.


Work in Progress

Find your intuitive meanings in 4 steps

1. Look for a notebook you will dedicate to tarots only.
2. Choose the deck that calls you.
3. Spend time with your deck, lay out the cards one by one, observe them, feel them, imagine the story behind them.
4. Draw a Tarot everyday and note down your thoughts, feelings and experience about it.

Tarots are not the only cards you can use to read for yourself and others. If for some reason you find tarots to be somewhat offputting, you can still try Oracle Cards. Oracle Cards have different set of meanings and a less “rigid” structure than that of Tarots. Either way just know you can find a lot of different decks out there, each of them with different themes and representations. What I think when I use and learn tarot or oracle cards is that possibilities are limitless and everything can be a source of knowledge,  no matter how simple or complicate, no matter if from a tradition or another. Read everything and choose what works best for you!


Least but not last, Remember to HAVE FUN