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Dhevan of Pentacles

Dhevan here, intuitive tarot reader and creator of this website. I believe in using the Tarot in order to help people to get a better understanding of those daily situations or issues that might at first seem problematic, I love to give messages based on the energy of the cards and to see people find out they had the answers inside themselves from the very start.  I don’t read tarot predictively or for fortune telling because I believe in free-will and willpower and I think we have all it takes to shape our own destiny instead of being subjugated by it. 


I love to help people feel empowered and ready to take action

Think of a Question

First you have to decide what question to ask. It might seem silly or difficult but it's actually very easy: good questions start with "What" or "How" and should point to actions you can take in life. If you are still unsure and you would prefer to keep it more general you can still ask something like "What should I know about this situation?".

Keep it Open

Asking "yes" or "no" questions may hinder the messages of the cards. Cards may point to a less or more beneficial energy as well as a neutral one and I will state this in the reading. Getting an open answer will make you feel empowered and ready to take action, it will give you messages to reflect upon so that you can later decide how and if to act.

The Reading

Once you have bought it (choosing the spread/option you prefer) I will provide you with a reading containing the messages from the tarots, the energy surrounding your situation and a professional photo of the tarot spread. You may even ask to get the reading done with a tarot deck of your choice (between those I own).


My Happy Clients!

"Dhevan's readings are concrete, focused on self-reflection and self-discovery. He helps you to understand what your blocks are and how to unlock them. His accurate readings motivated me to work more on myself."
Haunted Futon

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Discover Tarot Card Meanings

Find out the meanings for the Clow Cards. The meanings have been gathered and written through my intuition and general knowledge, taking into account their usage in the anime Cardcaptor Sakura.

On this site you can also find my interpretation of the “traditional” meanings of the cards, hoping they can guide you through the basics of tarots and in your personal readings.

This section is under construction!

I hope to be constantly expanding this area of the site, so stay tuned for future updates.

Clow Cards

I collected all the possible knowledge about these wonderful cards as seen on Cardcaptor Sakura.

"Traditional" Cards

I will use this site to provide you with basic and intuitive meanings according to my personal interpretation of tarot cards, hoping this will be helpful in your tarot journey.



I love reading Tarots and I do it in the most passionate and energetic way I am capable of. It requires time and energy and by no means I want to leave my clients unsatisfied. In order to avoid unsatisfaction from your and my part, it is essential to have a look at the Disclaimer page and read through it. When buying a reading or navigating this site or any of my social media you automatically agree to the terms of services contained in the Disclaimer page.