The Shadow

Have you ever watched or read Peter Pan? I really love this tale and the metaphor/symbolism of the shadow is the one we could talk about and discuss for hours. The Shadow is what binds us to the earth, it has the same shape we have and it's always projected on surfaces. In the story when Peter realizes that his shadow is not attached to him, he feels upset and tries many ways to reattach it to his feet. This might hint to a darker side of the tale where Peter and the lost boys don't realize they are spirits of the dead and when faced by the fact, they can't yet accept it. The Shadow thus talks about those truths and realities we try to escape from or hide from the sight. Its invitation is to ask ourselves: what is that particular thing we are trying to hide or cover up instead of accepting it and face it?


Hiding Truths - Denial - Confrontation with darker sides of self


In the anime the shadow card is portrayed as a mischievous one which goes around causing trouble. Sakura catches it at night in the yard of her school after Tomoyo and Kerochan illuminate the space with the school's lighting. She uses The Windy to bind the true form of The Shadow and then seals and catches the card.